Home maintenance Checklist
10 April 2024

Our Essential Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By Tracey Appleton

As the winter melts away and flowers start to bloom, it’s time to prepare your home for the vibrant season of spring. With longer days and warmer temperatures on the horizon, now is the perfect time to tackle those essential home maintenance tasks that will keep your home in excellent shape throughout the year. To ensure your home is ready to welcome the sunshine, we’ve compiled a checklist of spring home maintenance tasks that will help you breeze through the season and leave you feeling confident and clean.

Inside the Home

Home Cleaning
Spring home cleaning is an opportunity to rejuvenate living spaces. From decluttering and deep cleaning to organizing and airing out rooms, it’s a chance to start the season with a clean slate. By tackling tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and washing windows, for a perfect spring finish.

Windows and Doors
This is the perfect time to give windows and doors some much needed attention. Cleaning windows inside and out, as well as wiping down door frames and handles, can instantly freshen up a home’s appearance. Check that your windows and doors are properly sealed and functioning well. Taking these steps during spring cleaning enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of the home.

AC Control
Check and adjust your air conditioning (AC) control settings as the weather transitions. It is essential to ensure your thermostat is set to an appropriate temperature for comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, inspecting and cleaning filters can optimize performance and air quality.

Test Electrical
Electrical system tests are an important home maintenance item. Testing electrical systems includes checking outlets, switches, and circuit breakers for any signs of damage or wear. Testing that ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are functional is also an important task. Spring is an ideal time to address any electrical issues before they become more significant problems.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Testing smoke detectors in the spring is a vital part of home safety. It’s essential to press the test button on each detector to ensure they are functioning correctly. Additionally, replacing batteries if needed and cleaning any dust or debris can help maintain their effectiveness. By conducting these checks regularly, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their smoke detectors are ready to alert them in case of fire or carbon monoxide emergencies.

Attic Inspection
Look for signs of moisture, pests, and insulation issues, addressing these early ensures energy efficiency and prevents your home from costly damages.

Leaks or Mold
Identifying leaks and mold inside your home is critical for supporting a healthy living environment. Check for water stains or discoloration on ceilings and walls, and musty odors or visible patches of mold which may indicate leaks from the roof or plumbing. Promptly addressing leaks and mold can prevent structural damage and potential health risks.

Decluttering your home is a great way to refresh your space for spring. Start by tackling one area at a time, such as a closet or a room, and sort items into categories like keep, donate, or discard. Be ruthless in letting go of items you no longer need or use. Organize what you’re keeping in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle, utilizing storage solutions like bins or shelves. Decluttering not only creates a more spacious and organized environment but also reduces stress and improves overall well-being.

Begin by removing any covers or grilles and vacuuming out dust and debris. Additionally, inspect vents for any signs of blockages or damage that may hinder airflow. Cleaning vents improves air quality and ensures efficient heating and cooling throughout your home.

Test that the thermostat accurately reflects the temperature by comparing it with a separate thermometer. Additionally, consider programming or adjusting the thermostat settings for the spring season to maximize efficiency. Regular maintenance of your thermostat helps ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly and minimizes energy costs.

Inspecting and updating interior lighting fixtures during spring can enhance both functionality and ambiance in your home. Check for any burnt-out bulbs and replace them with energy-efficient LED options. Consider installing dimmer switches or timers to customize lighting levels and save on energy costs. Additionally, clean lampshades and fixtures to maximize brightness and reduce dust buildup.

Spring is perfect for a kitchen refresh, declutter countertops, clean appliances, scrub surfaces, and organize storage spaces for your comfort this spring.

Outside the Home

Spring offers an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate your landscaping. Start by cleaning up any debris left over from winter, such as dead leaves and branches. Next, trim overgrown shrubs and bushes, and prune trees, and consider adding new plants, flowers, or mulch to freshen up your garden beds.

Tree Removal
Tree removal should be considered carefully, especially for safety or structural reasons. Hiring professionals ensures safe and efficient removal, considering factors like tree health and proximity to buildings or power lines.

Be sure to be checking for damage and leaks and trying to address issues as soon as you can. Consider professional help for thorough inspections and repairs.

Gutters & Downspouts
Start by removing any debris, such as leaves and twigs, to help with proper drainage and prevent water damage to your home’s foundation. Consider installing gutter guards to minimize future buildup and reduce maintenance requirements. Regularly checking and maintaining your downspouts and gutters helps protect your home from water-related issues and preserves its structural integrity.

In spring, inspect your home’s foundation for cracks and water damage, and address any issues to prevent repairs later.

Spring is a great time to schedule chimney checkups to ensure they are in top condition after heavy use during the winter months. Professionals can inspect for any creosote buildup, cracks, or damage that may have occurred, ensuring safe and efficient operation for the next heating season. Regular maintenance in the spring can prevent potential hazards and costly repairs in the future, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Bring Out the Outdoor Furniture & BBQ
Clean and inspect each piece to ensure they’re in good condition after winter storage. Arrange your outdoor furniture to create a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. Don’t forget to check your BBQ and ensure it’s clean and in working order before firing it up for outdoor grilling. With your outdoor space ready, you can fully enjoy the warmer weather and alfresco living.

Driveways & Walkways
Spring is an ideal time to inspect and maintain your driveways and walkways. Start by clearing away any debris, such as leaves and dirt, that may have accumulated over the winter months. Check for cracks or potholes in asphalt or concrete surfaces and repair them to prevent further damage. Consider sealing your driveway to protect it from moisture and prolong its lifespan. For walkways, ensure that paving stones or bricks are secure and level, and replace any damaged ones as needed. Regular maintenance of driveways and walkways enhances curb appeal and ensures safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Outdoor lights
Spring is the perfect time to freshen up outdoor lights. Clean fixtures, replace bulbs, and check wiring for damage. Optimize security and convenience with timers or motion sensors.

By following our spring home maintenance checklist, you can ensure that your home is ready to embrace the season with open arms. From tackling exterior tasks to deep cleaning interiors and sprucing up your landscaping, these essential maintenance tasks will help you keep your home operating beautifully all season long. Roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and get ready to welcome spring with a home that is as colourful as the season itself